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CCM JetSpeed Control

Base Model- CCM FT380   Upgrades:


Tongue: Tri-Tech 7mm- FT1

Liner: Total-Dri w/Abrasion- FT1

Runner: SpeedBlade Stainless 2.0- FT1

Core: Speedcore2 (rigid core)- FT390






CCM JetSpeed Vibe

Base Model- CCM FT370   Upgrades:


Tongue: Tri-Tech 7mm- FT1

Liner: Total-Dri w/Abrasion- FT1 Runner: SpeedBlade Stainless 4.0- FT1

Core: Speedcore1 (lightweight)- FT380




BAUER Vapor X:Select

Base Model- X500   Upgrades:


Tongue: Form Fit- X600

Outsole: TPU Vapor Graphic- X600  Liner: Hydra Max Liner- X700

Runner: LS1 Steel- X700

BAUER Supreme Matrix

Base Model- S180   Upgrades:


Tongue: Silver Finish- S190

Outsole: Composite Outsole- S190

Liner: Abraision Pads- S190

Runner: LS3 Steel- S190


BAUER Supreme Accel

Base Model- S160   Upgrades:


Tongue: Chrome Finish- S170

Outsole: TPU Pet Graphics- S170

Liner: Hydra Max wIth Graphics- S170






BAUER Supreme Comp

Base Model- S170   Upgrades:


Tongue: Tongue Upgraded- S180

Outsole: Outsole Upgraded- S190

Liner: Hydra Max with Graphics- S190  Runner: LS2 Steel- S180


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  BAUER Vapor X:Shift Pro

Base Model- X800   Upgrades:


Tongue: Flex-Lock+Pro Stock- 900

  Outsole: Composite Outsole- X900   Runner: LS3 Steel- X900



BAUER Vapor X:Velocity

Base Model- X600   Upgrades:


Tongue: Form Fit 48 Tongue- X700 Outsole: TPU Sublimated Graphic- X800 Liner: Hydra Max- X700

Runner: LS2 Steel- X800




BAUER Vapor X:Shift

 Base Model- X700   Upgrades:


Outsole: Composite Outsole- X900  Liner: Lock Fit- X800

Runner: LS2 Steel- X800

CCM Vector Pro

Base Model- Tacks 6092   Upgrades:


Tongue: Tri-Tech Pro Felt- UT

Outsole: Composite/Vented- UT

Liner: Dual Zone Total Dri+Wear- ST

Boot: Action Form+Comp chrome- UT

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